Easy, honest Bitcoin coin mixer

We confirm that we have full control of our infrastructure. It has never been compromised or suffered a data breach. We have not disclosed any information, and we have not been forced to modify our system to allow access or backdoors to any third party and will never do.

We are 100% committed to our zero-logs policy — we never log the activities of our users to ensure their ultimate privacy and security.

Since the dawn of the digital age, millions of users have made a switch to Blockchain that is claimed to change the way we pay for goods and conduct transactions. No wonder it is a game-changing technology that makes a difference and brings complete privacy. But what you might not know is that Blockchain records all transactions in its publicly available ledger, meaning that third parties can trace them should the need arise. If it’s not that level of confidentiality you’ve expected, be sure to take advantage of our coin mixer.

CoinMixer.GURU is a Bitcoin mixing service (also known as a tumbler or blender) that is centered around the idea of making your digital assets hidden from the public eye for good. As the name implies, it works by mixing your coins with those in our cryptocurrency reserves to ensure private transactions without a trace. CoinMixer helps you make your BTCs unidentifiable and, thus, allows you to rest easy knowing that neither crypto-hackers nor security agencies can keep track of your financial activities.

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